Score A Programme ™

" 93% of students get straight A's in their UPSR, PMR & SPM after using Score A Programme ™!!!!!!!!"

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The Really Great Program
Student Score A in exam

Parents Score (RM30, 000 a month within 3 months)

Have your child ready for EDUCATION COMPETITION?
Have you prepared for economic downturn?

Score A Programme ™ is to provide opportunities for children / students to excel in education (as well as enjoy learning) , and as parents we become glorious in the business (as well enjoy the money) .
Great for kids to play this ... of je computer & tv game ... and good for parents too busy ... because any kind of work / business, can still monitor the performance of children's education.


Requirement to get good results in examinations is by using the "output learning", the ability to retrieve and apply what they have learned. Many students do only Input Learning - reading, studying, memorizing and learning to hear the input. This is why students get average marks.

To excel, your children need Output Learning ™. Discover how we coach your child's learning techniques our output. We took 4 years to develop a method to output a fairly comprehensive study that has been designed according to the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education.

We will assist and guide your children to Preparing Examinations and achieve A. Practice to achieve excellence, a desire to succeed is important but what is more important to be prepared. Upon the examination day, your child will face challenges with confidence and achieve A.

Score A Programme ™   is designed to overcome the problems faced by parents and students themselves, such as: -

 Students Attitudes: -
  • Feeling bored and expense to learn the conventional way of just using the book as a medium for knowledge;
  • There is no motivation to be excellent students;
  • No interest in reading books and making exercise books;
  • Always spend time at the computer to chat, play games and visit web sites that are not beneficial, as well as
  • Not getting the attention of busy working parents.
 Parents Problem: -
  • Unable to assess your child's academic performance;
  • Unable to pay attention to homework and revise your child;
  • Not satisfied with the results of its examination;
  • Child brought home a report card only 2 times a year;
  • Lack of preparation would be the examination of your child;
  • Your child facing the stress / fear of examinations and thus lose interest in learning;
  • Spending a lot of money but its still failed to obtain the results expected; also
  • Lack of parental interaction with children.

Score A Programme ™ is a program webucation 
(joint website, and education) are the first in Malaysia.

Webucation - The Sunrise Business

Webucation, the fast growing Business Opportunity 
In Forbes Magazine, Peter Drucker calls webucation " The Next Mega Trend . " He states it will be the next Multi-Billion if not Trillion Dollar Industry . For Those of you who do not know Peter Drucker, he is a highly respected worldwide management consultant teacher and author of over 25 books on Business and Management.

According to study of world economic experts, like Peter Drucker, 'webucation' is   the most promising business opportunities for the future are even more potential from the Food and Health Communications. Businesses like this are categorized as Economy Rising Sun where he has a bright chance for success in a long time.

In Malaysia, in 2010, the Government has targeted all the schools into smart schools in which at that time, students will learn through a website and educational portal, such as Score A Programme.

History Score A Programme ™
  • Developed by Kenshido International Sdn. Bhd.. (Formerly known as Edu-2u Portal Bhd..) In 1999 .
  • Leading the premier web portal.
  • R & D for 3 years. Capital of RM4.5 million to create software.
  • In the year 2002 , was launched at the 14 smart schools in Malaysia. Provided free of charge for the test efficiency of the Score A Programme ™. This project has received the cooperation of Ministry of Education.
  • The results of experiments on the Smart School system for 3 years, from 2002 to 2005, 93% of students using Score A Programme ™ has obtained outstanding achievements in the 5As in the UPSR and PMR 8A at 100% A .
  • Released in stages since its inception in 2002.
  • After getting excellent results and is recognized by the government, in 2006 , Score A Programme ™ has been marketed extensively through the concept of network marketing MLM (Multi Level Marketing) so that more people can be aware of this great learning products and providing opportunities to economic growth.

  • Covers 100% of the syllabus and the syllabus of the Ministry of Education UPDATE
  • Contains more than 500,000 bank question the quality and constantly updated
  • Drafted by the expert teachers of subjects and paper makers .


    LATEST: Learning Input A i-Teacher Score From Year 1 to Form 5


    And Many More ..... Continuous Product Development


    100% of the Ministry of Education approved Syllabus

    Beware  with other products (Brand 'X'), which claim he got better ..., but incomplete ...

    We (Score A) do not like to mention, but if people told you all sorts of articles to slander us, we've got to defend yourself.

    Look at the comparison table as evidence.
    Score A - 100% complete
    Brand 'X' - A lot of that is not complete.

    "Unlike e-Learning program is another, Score A is complete, 100% approve MOE syllabus - The One and Only Truely, Pioneer and Champion in e-Learning! "

    Market Potential

     Leverage - "Work Smart - Explosive Income"
     High Demand
     Low Rate Rejection
     Anti Economic Recession (Education is a basic requirement).
     Market Existing - 6 million students
     Market constantly evolving - 500,000 new students each year 
     T N rival - 99% of MLM companies is not the product of education (eg health products, beauty care, car & house).
     Loyalty of Users
     Royalties Income- 9 years
     Webucation - culminating in the year 2010 - 100% Smart Schools 

    (By participating now, children / students & parents, we were among the earliest groups to take this opportunity, both in terms of improving educational achievement nor in terms of increased revenue)                                                                      

    Company Info
    Kenshido International Sdn Bhd
    Wisma Kenshido, No 1-1, 1-2, 1-3,
    Jalan PJU 5 / 6, PJU 5 Dataran Sunway,
    47810 Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya,
    Tel: 603-6141 8286
                                                                       Fax: 603-6141 8126 / 8136

    .Board Member
     Mr Jason Kok is recognised as "The Top networkers" and "Walking Testimony" Among the elite networkers in the MLM Industry.
    An auditor by profession, he started his Carrer in the Auditor General office attached to Inland Revenue Department till 1986. He terminated his services with a merchant bank after 3 years, left the corporate sector, and embarks in the MLM Industry full time till today. With 25 years of exposure in MLM, Mr. Jason is not only a showroom to determine the company's development and direction, but also rates proven to be a MENTOR to Kenshido International. Mr. Jason is a "living example" who always emphasize on Sincerity involving both company and networkers.
    Outstanding Skills:   Financial Management, Dream Builder, networker Relationship, Training System, and System Support.
    An auditor by profession, he started his Carrer in the Auditor General office attached to Inland Revenue Department till 1986. He terminated his services with a merchant bank after 3 years, left the corporate sector, and embarks in the MLM Industry full time till today. With 25 years of exposure in MLM, Mr. Jason is not only a showroom to determine the company's development and direction, but also rates proven to be a MENTOR to Kenshido International. Mr. Jason is a "living example" who always emphasize on Sincerity involving both company and networkers.

    Our Iron-lady spent 15 years in the Prime Minister's Department, five years in the Inland Revenue Department, and three years with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs. She brings with her ​​extensive knowledge and experience from the government sector, and is instrumental in setting up  Kenshido International Sdn.BHD.

    AJL license, paid-up capital, & Shariah Compliance Certificate

    AJL License (AJL 931448) issued by Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.
    With a sense of pride and honored the company has been verified  SHARIA COMPLIANCE  On February 7, 2010 equal to 22 Safar 1431. 
    (First in Malaysia are Syariah-Compliant Certificate in Product and Marketing Plan!)

    Recognition and Awards

    "... Merciful Dah-dah official twelve ministers .. Is there another program like this beb ..."

    Latest: Year 2011/2010

    20-Aug-2010 :
    Motivation Launch Tour squad GPMS Examination Score A-2010 by YABhg. Datin Paduka Seri Mansor, Head of Education, at UiTM Shah Alam.

    15-April-2010 :
    Launching and MOA GPMS & Kenshido by YAB Tan Sri Dato 'Muhyiddin bin Mohd. Yassin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, at the USM.

    3-Aug-2010  : I Score A Teacher Pre-Launch Ceremony, by YAB Datuk Seri Hj. Mohd Ali bin Mohd Rustam, Chief Minister of Malacca, at Ayer Keroh, Melaka.

    23-Jul-2010  : Pre-Launch of I-Score A Teacher by Minister of Tourism, Environment, Minister of Tourism, Culture & Environment & Education Bureau Sabah Sabah at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

    31-Jan-2010  : Pre-Launch and Signing Ceremony of MOA Between eEducator, USM and Kenshido of Score A - iTeacher, by His Excellency Tun Dato Seri Utama (Dr.) Hj. Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abbas, Yang Di-President of the State of Penang, at USM.

    News From 2002 to 2006

    25-8-2002 : Launching of Score A Programme ™, Sekolah Wawasan Subang Jaya, Selangor, by Deputy Minister of Education, YB Dato 'Aziz Shamsuddin.

    30-1-2004 : Sarawak Scholars 'Night, by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Sarawak, YB Dato' Sri Haji Bin Adenan Satem.

    21-7-2005 : Score A handover ceremony in Pasir Gudang, JB, by the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development, YB Datuk Mohamed Khaled Nordin.

    21-9-2005 : Signing Ceremony for Children-Child Score A With Prison Staff, by the Deputy Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs, YB Dato 'Noh Bin Omar.

    13-2-2006 : Program Award Parit Sulong Parliament, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Dato 'Jamaluddin bin Dato' Mohd Jarjis.

    25-3-2006 : Launching And Score A Submission Portal Pagoh Parliament, the Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry of Malaysia, YB Tan Sri Dato 'Haji Muhyidddin Bin Haji Mohd. Yassin
    And the only web portal which received recognition from
    Education Minister YB Dato 'Sri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, and
    National PTA.

    (  want to easily care for endorsement Minister of Education, after four successful years (2002 - 2006) endorsed a new minister.)

    Media Reports

    TV3 Buletin


    Astro News

    And other electronic media reports :
    MHI / FM Radio Women

    Utusan Malaysia
    Tamil News
    East Malaysia News
    The Star
    And other media reports :
    Daily News / Press China / Guang Hua News / Malaysia Today / Nanyang Press / Sarawak Tribune / Sibu Borneo Post / Sibu News / Sin Chew Daily / Tawau News

    What is Score A Programme ™?
    • Score A Programme ™ is an interactive learning method based on output of government syllabus which has been proven to help students prepare for exams and achieve A.

    What is Output Learning?
    • Output Learning is a learning method that trains students to apply what they have studied in schools through the training provided at Score A Programme ™.
    • Traditional methods of learning ie Output Book
      • Taxable self-check answers
      • Can not repeat the question
      • No monitoring of the
      • Too much exercise book will charge the students, and
      • Not Interactive

    What is Learning Input?
    • Learning Input is putting information into your brain cells. School learning by attending classes either in school or attend extra classes at the tuition centers, reading, reviewing and memorizing the learning input.Too many students only Input Learning ", and that is why they only get average in their examinations. To excel in the exams, students should be learning output.

    Why students need Score A Programme ™?
    • Score A Programme ™ has been carefully designed to provide students with many features to help them prepare for their exams. With Score A Programme ™, students can assess their own academic easily and more effectively. With this, they can assess their own level of ability, willingness and understanding of what they have learned in school. Score A Programme ™ gives students the opportunity to build confidence and positive attitude.

    Will Score A Programme ™ will burden my children?
    • No. Score A Programme ™ is not a repetition of learning inputs, and thus will not burden your children.

    Do my son Score A Programme ™ if now he is attending class?
    • Yes, because tuition is another method of learning inputs. In fact, Score A Programme ™ is a good complement to your child's tuition.

    Unique Features of 
    Score A


    eTopic ™
    • Learning lessons output immediately after the input on a topic to help students better understand each topic in the subjects they are learning;
    • Passing mark of 80%, A;
    • Marking is immediate; also
    • Results are immediate and sent to the e-Report Card, and sms to parents' mobile phones.

    eAssessment ™
    • Training output that is not immediately confined to strengthen their skills in the examination;
    • As the method of game play, there is a ranking system to promote healthy competition;
    • Students must pass the first stage to go to the next level;
    • Marking and the results are immediate, as well as
    • Results will be sent to the e-Report Card and the sms to parents' mobile phones.

    eNational Trial Exam ™
    • Online trial examination held simultaneously throughout the country.

    ePast Year Exam ™
    • Examination questions in previous years and made available to help students recognize patterns and form the real questions that the students' excellence 'A'; also
    • The only e-learning given the right to reinstate the actual exam papers UPSR and PMR examinations from 1993 to present from the Malaysian Examination Board .

    eAssessment eTopic™ 
    • Module concept questions & strengthening exercises.
    • Immediate inspection and words of motivation.(books can not do this ... the parents were not always able to do this ... )
    • Help students answer the questions in the fun.
    eTrial Exam ™ & ePast Year Exam ™
    • The module concept of examination questions.
    • "Coundown Timer" based on the actual exam period. (the book can not do this ...)
    • Students will be prepared (Exam ready) to meet the actual exam environment.

    eProgress ™
    • Monitoring chart that allows parents to follow the development of children through eTopic ™. This feature is an effective method of monitoring. It is designed to ensure that parents are always informed about all the exercises eTopic ™ of their children.
    • Parents will also be updated on the number of attempts have been made by children for each topic. Thus it shows the topics that proved difficult. This information allows parents to identify topics that categorize the problem and not a weakness of subjects.

    eNotes ™
    • Note the short but dense
    • Available from specialist teachers in subjects
    • Help students to revise and make reference
    • Just as mind maps.

    eDictionary ™
    • Special subjects of English, Science and Mathematics, as a translator for the words that are not understood by students.

    eReport Card ™ (Online and sms)
    • Facilitate parents to check academic performance of children;
    • Help parents monitor the strengths and weaknesses of the child;
    • Getting to know the development of children at any time, as well as
    • Enable parents to provide immediate assistance.
    • No longer simply expect only report card from school which at that time it was too late.


    List of Outstanding Students Award 100 All Malaysia
    • Designed to inform parents of the children compared with children of comparable students in the country.
    • It encourages students to strive harder so their names displayed in the list of this award.

    Further Information Portal Score A Programme ™ - the final part of this website.

    Score A Programme ™ - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anytime, in anywhere! 
    With just one hour a day, you can change your child's progress is much more brilliant, bright and confident!

    Sec. Men. Sains Hulu Selangor - Results Excellent - 90% Score "Straight 'A's" 7 years in a row
    Awards & Acknowledgements from Other Schools - UPSR & PMR Year 2007 to 2009

    Testimonials From Parents and Students


    One example of poor students has been developed. Chin Kok Chung - From a poor student in grade one, get Straight A current PMR - Truly Amazing!

    And many more testimonials of students Score A Programme ™ ... Thousands of testimony since the program began ...

    Special Recognition

    Cikgu Rokiah Alias
    Former Principals
    Kolej Tunku Kurshiah (TKC)Seremban, Negeri Sembilan(1998 - 2005)
    Outstanding Principal Malaysia

    "I see this program very, very HOT! Program PARENTS MUST be subscribed by all to ensure children's Excellence in the examination. I feel very pleased with this program and see many young SUCCESSFUL. They Can! You already CAN!"


    1. Completeness to the education system in Malaysia
    2. Monitoring by the mother's father - a relationship / 3-way communication between students, Mom Dad & Teachers.
    3. "PRIME TIME "- the optimum time for students studying are different for each student.
    4. Management TIME - Students will be attuned to their own time management system to be ready to face the examination.
    5. Catalyst - Students will continue to improve their performance each time before the real examination.
    6. PERSONAL & Emotional BONDING "- The psychology of the students will get a closer emotional relationship with the mother's father who can help them more motivated to be more successful.
    Dr Shukri Abdullah
    Motivation & Learning Strategies Specialist Malaysia

    "This program not only meets the needs of learning output but also complement the input needs of learning, thus helping with a number of students in learning to prepare before class and after-class exercises and even more students who are preparing exams."

    Secrets for Excellent Students

    Concept RECR
    eady - Before going to school - read eNotes, and
    arly-ups for training eTopic
    oncentrate 100% - In class - ask the teacher to understand.
    evise - Back from school - for the train-ups eTopic.
    Any who do not understand, re-read the eNotes.
    • Before the exam: Make eAssessment, eTrial Exam, ePast Year Exam
    • Parents also should monitor children's development through eReport Card.
    Pricing Score A Programme ™

    Note: Activation Code & Top-up Code
    • Activation Code, priced at RM50, is used to register a child, once a lifetime.
    • Top-up code, priced at RM298 (100BV) for members, RM348 for non members, used for access for 6 months, for all children.

    • Registration for children 1-2 ie 2 Activation Code (RM50 x 2 children).
    • Usage (access) for 12 months ie 2 Top-up Code (RM348 x 2 children).
    • Additional RM50 for each additional child to the registration of 3 and so, once a lifetime.

    Note: The calculation of cost of Score A Programme ™ Learning Child Month:
    • There are 1 or 2 children =  RM796  / 12 months / 2 people =  RM33.16  per month, for all subjects, 24x7
    • There are 3 children =  RM796  + 50 / 12 months / 3 people =  RM23.50  per month, for all subjects, 24x7
    • There are 4 children =  RM796  + 100 / 12 months / 4 people =  RM18.66  per month, for all subjects, 24x7
    • There were 5 children =  RM796  + 150 / 12 months / 5 people =  RM15.76  per month, for all subjects, 24x7
    • Day only  RM2.20  (child) -  RM0.50  (5 children) for all subjects, 24x7

    Cheaper than Astro subscription!
    Cheaper than the cost of learning ie rm30 per month tuition
    for 1 child, 1 subject, 6 hours per week.

    To RM2.20 a day (if its a), 50 cents a day (if its 5 persons), much cheaper than parking your car costs money cigarettes per day or you are not profitable at all, you have to have the e-Learning products that have a record A straight score of 93% during the pilot project and getting government recognition! Use the SA Program for your children's learning.

    • Registration for children 1-2 ie 2 Activation Code (RM50 x 2 children).
    • Usage (access) for 12 months ie 2 Top-up Code (RM348 x 2 children).
    • Additional RM50 for registration of each additional child 3 and beyond.
    • Top-up RM298 for reuse during the next 6 months for all children.
    • Top-up retail profit of RM50 (Member Price RM298, RM348 Price Non-Member)
    • To an account of business

    • The actual price of RM3, 980 ie 5 sets SAP Portal x RM796
    • Retail profit / savings of RM1, 492
    • Top-up retail profit of RM50 (Member Price RM298, RM348 Price Non-Member)
    • To 3 accounts business

    PACKAGE OF / e-Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Premium RM6, 888 + New 340
    • The actual price of RM11, 940 ie 15 sets x RM796 SAP Portal
    • Retail profit / savings of RM5, 052
    • Top-up retail profit of RM50 (Member Price RM298, RM348 Price Non-Member)
    • Free Material : Success Module 828 x 3, DVD x 6, leaflets 50pcs x 4, Student & Parent Testimony x 2, Fast Start Form 25copies x 1 - valued at RM340
    • To 7 accounts business

    Once you subscribe to the SAP, let your child learn more efficiently ...
    You do not have to worry about your children's academic performance you again ...
    I am sure you will enjoy seeing the children enjoy learning!

    But ... whoa ... ha aaa ... If previous education is an expense , I will show you how to convert into income .   Jeng, Jeng, Jeng ...

    Marketing Plan

    The combination of three very powerful Business Type:

    Online Education + Online Business + Network Marketing "

    ... Makes it unrivaled


    Score A More Fun! and Sweet! with the Premium Package
    (At the Launch of 818 - August 18, 2010)

    3 shows the overall changes that are WORTH!
    1. Ps products are more sophisticated (i-Teacher is more comprehensive);
    2. PRICE is cheap (once a year for the use of very cheap at RM3.26 a day for all subjects, now so much cheaper just RM2.18);
    3. BONUS more HIGH (Edu-Reward of up to RM1, 000, K-Match a pair of RM90, Maximum 15 pairs per day, & Each purchase of any package BV).



    Success Factor 4, There On This Business:

    1. Company

    Online - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - anywhere, anytime - a service can be brought to any & at any time.

    Old but new - because it was 12 years old (so the sound & there is no guarantee) for a new four year New (2008-2011) in the networking (after the fall of rich-quick schemes & Internet investments in Malaysia in 2007) (timing is appropriate, in business networking, 3-5 years are in the most suitable for joint, where the first & second year was a year of hardship, has passed).

    2. P s products

    There are ~ 400 + + Company in Malaysia who had DSA, 5.900 millionaire has given birth to the twilight of 42 years, with the following four major product categories - Beauty, Health, Home Care, & Car Care, where all the products are by-products.

    While Score A Program is the only product in which education is a product of education requirements (all makbapak want to score a child, no matter where they are from those already), Quality (see testimonials, awards & recognition), Very Cheap Price (RM7.10 month one subject, after topup RM4.70), unrivaled, not seasonal (eg product above), and Anti-recession economy (although the time of emergency, makbapak still want to score a child).

    Business eternity - we are for our children and / or its people, so clever.

    3. Marketing Plan

    "High Payout" - following are Base Biz Technology, Physical No Cost (only sales numbers), one time capital, profits Many Times (large capital during develop software, now only make maintenance & continuos improvement). Sample Astro & Biz Card Prepaid / Topup (Celcom, Maxis, Digi).

    First company in Malaysia to obtain the Certificate in terms of Shariah-Compliant Products and Marketing Plan!;

    Existing markets - there are 6 million students from Year 1 to Form 5; every year 500 thousand students in one go - in short any market until it is ...

    4. Group 

    We are in the ZRB Millionaires Club, Great Support Center, Largest & Most Successful Networking in Kenshido / Score A founder Mr. Samad Abdul Aziz managed to garner revenue of RM1.2 million in 7 months!

    We have a system, not depends on the individual strengths, we are practical and easy system in Duplicate. 

    So, with 4 on the power - there is no reason we can not succeed!

    To parents, I tell, when you subscribe to SAP, your child's use, you try to make the businesses, we do not want to say ... is this happening ... but let's say, you do not succeed in its business section ... Do you know what is the worst thing That can happen to you? The answer is ... The worst thing That can happen to you is ... its you so clever! Dahlah though ... bought at a price saving pulak! Hah! So to the parents - because there is no risk of tu ... I do not see why parents do not want to welcome the opportunity to try this! Like me, at first not interested at this business, but think for children, welcome this opportunity je lah ... nah ... ter successful, ter be rich, be a millionaire ... ter :-)
    For children there is a (single to, the children all learn at the expiry of the) card, this portal can be sold ... If you know how to explain properly (which we teach), must be sold have ... Because where there mom in the world you do not want her good ...

    Friends ...
    It is true that money is not everything ... But Segal, a lot of things / problems can be solved with money. In addition, you have control over your time ... time with your loved ones ...
    Imagine you can have breakfast at 10 am with child and your spouse at your favorite restaurant mamak, when most people are busy working in the office ...
    Imagine you could spend more time with loved ones, especially when they need you as well, without asking permission Pelu / apply for leave from your employer ...

    You already see this great opportunity, you already know the power of this program (4 critical success factors above), if you still do not see anymore, busy docks think the reason can not do it, not how to think how I want to take advantage of this opportunity, I do not know is going to talk about what else ... punyalah great opportunity this coming ....
    He came to check it out this great program! 

    How to Participate in This Program

    All transactions must be done online, no matter where you are and at any time.

    If you choose Package Non Members - RM796
    1. Make a payment according to the price of the package you choose to:
    No. CIMB Account: 0612-0068116-52-2
    Hui Zhan Ming or bank account Biz Partner near you - please contact them.
    1. SMS proof of payment (date, time, amount) to me Mr. Hui at 016-925 7610
    1. After confirmation of payment, you will receive Activation Code & Top-up Code of me through sms, after it is you can register your child & your self (Parent);
    1. If you want me to register your child & your self (Parent), please sms me the following information: your full name, No. KP, address, zip code, Hp No, Parent ID, Name of Child, Child ID, Age, Primary / Grade & Name School.
    If you choose a package member (Entrepreneur) - e-User Premium (RM796) e-PartnerPremium (RM2, 488) / e-Entrepreneur Premium (RM6,888) Premium
    1. Make a payment according to the price of the package you choose to:

    No. CIMB Account: 0612-0068116-52-2 or No. No. CIMB Account: 0612-0068116-52-2 Hui Zhan Ming.

    or to a bank account Biz Partner near you - please contact them.
    1. Fill in Credit Card Authorization Form, if you wish to make payment using credit card - <click here> to download the form.
    Leave it blank  in the "... for K-Dollar under the username __________."
    1. Fill the form SAP Fast Start - <click here> to download forms.
    2. Clear on the "Sponsor's Name, Sponsor's User Name, ID Sponsor FSB, FSB Placement Sponsor ID".
    1. Send the form along with copies of required and proof of payment , to me Mr.Hui either by scan or take a photo & email to
    1. After confirmation of payment, you will receive the Card Activation Portal & Top-up via express post within 7-10 working days.
    1. If you buy a package of e-Entrepreneur, you will receive Brochure & CD by express mail within 2 weeks.
    1. Then, I will email to you:
      1. Guide to Activate Score A Programme ™ Portal
      2. Guide to the Register as Entrepreneur
      3. Slides of the product
      4. Slides on Marketing Plan
    Wait ... there are more ...

    We will share the strategy of doing the business, including on how to RM30,000 a month within 3 months , and how to quickly become Crown Manager .

    In summary the strategy is:

    Strategy 747, Step 1 Create in 2 weeks, Step 2 in 2 weeks, then Duplicate.

    Yes ... that simple! It is so simple that most people will think, "How easy tu la ..." but yes, it is as easy as tu ... This strategy will be so easy if you follow SYSTEM that we have prepared. You only need to imitate only what we do, which is what successful people do earlier.

    To find out the strategy more quickly, easily & clearly:

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